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Explore a new level of fun in the water with our Seabobs. With the Seabob F5 and the Seabob F5 S, you will live a unique experience of freedom and adrenaline. Lightweight, powerful and completely eco-friendly, these high-performance toys offer unparalleled thrills, even without a driver's license!

Delivery and collection on request. Discover eco-friendly fun with our Seabobs and get ready for an unforgettable adventure among the waves.

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Seabob F5 S

Without a license

Dimensions: 1,152 x 5070 x 372 (L x W x H)

Weight: 34kg

Buoyancy in water: 10 kg

Speed on water: up to/up to 20 km/h

Speed under water: up to/up to 18 km/h

Operating duration: 60min

Info &Rates

- SEABOB F5: €360.00

- SEABOB F5 S: €450.00

- Excess deposit: €2000

Discounts are available for extended rental periods

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